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Company Profile

    Taiming group is a world leader in furniture fitting industry. We provide customers with office furniture, cabinet drawer and household series of innovative switch device, and by the high quality product quality and have been inspired by the source, lets you feel the space in daily business to improve and strengthen the emotional experience. Along with the development of 30 years the proud achievements, Taiming group in numerous orbit design system occupies a leading position, and thus become the vane of industry. By constantly benefit customers include furniture manufacturers, importers, distributors and buyers and so on, we continually development, and make sure Taiming orbit group in the industry is the most product quality consciousness, the most notable, easier to use and more cost-effective.

    We invest more than $150 million a year in order to improve our efficiency, today we are among the world's most advanced production equipment. Factory is located in China hardware town in leliu town, foshan city, guangdong province, covers an area of 240000 square meters, owns more than 2000 employees, at the same time, the orbit of our monthly production capacity of 13000000 sets of the above and supporting a full range of accessories.

    The excellence of our products standard more than all of the major international standards, our company has obtained ISO9001, American ANSI, BIFMA, BHMA, KCMA, British FIRA BS6222Level H as well as the the LGA EN 15338 standard.

    Today found differences, can make your business efficiency and innovation to the next level.